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cddc logoKnown for her love of body movement and footwork, Mel C is one of the most popular, and sought after female stylists in the UK. Her easy-going, relaxed teaching style ensures her styling and spinning workshops are always well attended, attracting students of all levels of ability to her growing number of appearances at congresses and weekend events across the UK and Europe.

Mel C PromoDespite having over 10 years teaching experience, Mel continues to pursue her own personal development, increasing her skills and knowledge by travelling regularly to New York to take private classes with Eddie Torres and Nelson Flores.

“Only by the continuance of my own personal development can I truly feel that I can develop my students”.

In 2003, Mel founded the Carpe Diem Dance Company as an all-girl performance group. As director and choreographer, she saw it grow steadily and develop into a fully fledged dance school, boasting a pro-team, an semi pro-team and an expanding student group. Carpe Diem has performed across the UK and Europe.

In 2007, Mel founded Salsa Central, an online salsa information website that has quickly grown to become one of the largest salsa online magazines globally, and co-promotes the Salsa Central Weekend, the West Midlands annual Salsa weekender which debuted in june 2011.

Mel also DJ’s under the name of DJ Melody, having appeared at many events across the UK and Ireland. For over a year she ran her own radio show – Latin Expression –on Newstyle FM.

More recently, Mel and her team at Zumba Central now teach regular Zumba Classes in Birmingham and the West Midlands, as well as Bokwa Classes through Bokwa Central.

Mel’s impressive and ever-expanding list of achievements has seen her continue to rise in popularity. Her self-deprecating sense of humour, along with her willingness to help, support and promote others in her field, has helped to cement her reputation as a well respected teacher, choreographer, DJ and promoter both in the UK and abroad.